Never loose your website visitors!

Imagine you have a popular website with lots of visitors and good ranking in search engines then suddenly you receive a complain from registrar that they have to suspend your domain! or you see your site is blocked in a very important country!
In most cases this will be a sad end to the website's life.If this happens unexpectedly and you have not frosighted it!

Of course first thing you will do is setting up a new domain but what about your visitors?
Simply your visitors must know your new address but they don't, everyday they try to access your site but they can't and they think your site is down, then stop looking for it.
Worst thing is your search engine indexes become invalid and disappear everyday until your site will be totally removed from search engines. This means you need to start from scratch!

OK you know all these but what is the solution?

SiteNewAddress creates a unique address for you and when a user searches your site name in search engines, he will see your SiteNewAddress Unique Address in top of the search results that informs users your new address like the image below:


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